The Fellowship of Modern Essenes is dedicated to teaching the ancient Essene Healing Techniques which we believe are approximately five thousand years old and available to all who seek this assistance in healing themselves.

The philosophy of the Modern Essenes is to focus on the good things in life and give thanks for them. Focusing on the good things in life uplifts us. Giving thanks for the good things in life also uplifts us. The more we uplift ourselves, the more we help other people uplift themselves. The Essene Blessing Walk teaches us how to become a Blessing-sending Walking Machine. Walk for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. Walk for the benefit of all things.

First Free Lesson - Essene Blessing Walk

Essene Blessing Walk Recording

Once you've learned the Essene Blessing Walk, it's time to start learning what we consider to be our fundamental healing technique, the Essene Healing Breath. We use this technique to heal ourselves, find and follow our own unique spiritual path, open communications with our guardian angel, spirit guides and teachers, and to empower our healing abilities to help others. By performing this meditation prior to taking an Essene Blessing Walk, you'll notice an increase in the energy that flows through you. You'll also notice your third eye starting to open more and more as you continue using these two techniques together.

Second Free Lesson - Essene Healing Breath

1) The Healing Breath Part One Recording

2) The Healing Breath Part Two Recording

3) The Healing Breath Part Three Recording

We believe everybody has the ability to heal themselves and help others heal themselves using the Essene healing techniques. The techniques used by the Modern Essenes are believed to be ancient alternative medicine healing techniques used for centuries until the advent of modern medicine. We use these healing techniques today to help anyone who asks for help healing themselves.

Third Free Lesson - The Essene Healing Philosophy and Paradigm

There are a total of four Essene grades. These are three healing grades and one teaching grade. Everybody starts out as an Apprentice Essene Healer. Some become Master Essene Teachers. The two techniques you've already learned will serve you well as you prepare to become an Apprentice Essene Healer.

Essene Apprentice Healer

You're most welcome to read about the other two Essene attunements, and our teacher candidate requirements. When you become a candidate you'll learn how to become a teacher for the Modern Essenes. However, we invite you to learn more about the Modern Essenes and our teachings.

Other Attunements and Teaching Grades

Obtaining and Renewing Your Essene Spiritual Healer License

The Essene Healing Energy is feminine in nature. It's called the Sophia Energy or the Magdalene Energy. This energy heals in a feminine way by drawing the unconditional love of the Divine, that heals all things, into the person being healed. The unconditional love of the Divine does heal all things. The Essene healing techniques teach us how to use that energy to help other people heal themselves.

Apprentice Essene Healer

How to Become an Apprentice Essene Healer

The job of all Essene healers is to help other people heal themselves. You can start this spiritual journey by learning and practicing the Essene Healing Walk. During this walk you can start to hone your spiritual healing powers.

We recommend you explore several avenues of learning. There are many outstanding resources we recommend to all spiritual travelers..

Recommended Resources

You may contact us by email by writing info.Essenes @ GMail.com with the word Essenes in the subject. You may call us at 301-722-0615 between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. EST Monday through Thursday.

The Modern Essenes operates under the umbrella of the Universal Gnostic Fellowship. We subscribe to the Doctrine of One which states One Creator created all that is and each of us is an individualized expression of that Divine Being.Our purpose according to the basic tenants of that doctrine is to learn to love, heal and help one another.

Doctrine of One


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